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Air Quality and COVID-19 Virus in Riverside County



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Good afternoon,


I  hope you are doing well and staying positive during these tough times. I  understand that between the Coronavirus and the cooler weather, the  QuietCool season has gotten off to a slow start. The situation we find ourselves in obviously brings difficulties but it  also brings with it time to take advantage of certain opportunities.

Due  to COVID-19, there will be changes in our country that change things in  our daily lives that we have never thought twice about. Things like face  masks will become much more common and people may even begin to frown upon age-old traditions such as shaking  someone's hand (I apologize in advance if I reach out to shake your hand  and you do not wish me to, lol).

Indoor  air quality and home ventilation will also never be more prevalent  throughout the country and this is an area where QuietCool dealers can  massively assist turning whole-house fans into more than just a mainly seasonal product. Per  the CDC, one of the four best things you can do for your home as it  concerns the recent COVID-19 outbreak is to increase ventilation by  opening windows.

By  understanding this powerful statement and by spreading this news via  your website and every other online platform you participate in, we can help the public understand that whole-house fans do of course  help homeowners save 50-90% on their A/C related costs but it is also  the single best product they can put into their home to increase home  ventilation. We are exchanging the air in their homes up to 20 times an hour! This not only saves them money and keeps  their home more comfortable but it helps keep them more healthy!

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