Air Conditioning services


AC Installation services

Need a brand-new unit put in? We offer sales and complete installation of new air conditioning units. Allow Inland Empire Comfort to find the right unit to fit the needs of your home and family. Need help right away? Inland Empire Comfort offers 24 hour HVAC emergency service.

AC Maintenance services

Keep your air conditioning running smoothly all season long. To make sure that you are keeping cool through summer and fall, the HVAC experts at Inland Empire Comfort offer routine AC maintenance. Maybe it's been a while since your air conditioning unit was last serviced or you want to make sure everything is cool before the hot weather sets in, either way we are here to help.

AC Repair services

In the Inland Empire heat, it's not uncommon for air conditioning units to get pushed too far and burn out. Luckily, we offer full repair as part of our air conditioning services. Call us to come out and take a look at the problem and go from there. We will get down to the root of the problem and share with you our recommended plan of action. Whether it's a simple fix or a whole new unit is required, you can trust the HVAC experts at Inland Empire Comfort to get the cool air back on.